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Prices for our current coffee offerings

It's a new year and I'm still behind, but here are our current offerings. We still have single origin coffees from Colombia, Ethiopia, Sumatra, and Honduras.

Our Colombia continues as the excellent Valle de Cauca. I even drink this myself. The Department of Valle de Cauca is on the Pacific coast of Colombia, south of Medellin and north of Popayan. Unlike coffee from Sierra Nevada, drinking this will not keep the world in balance, though it may help yours.

Our Ethiopia is again a natural processed Sidamo, though this one is of no special pedigree other than being packed in those egregious GrainPro bags. Mildly fruity with strawberry and cherry notes.

Our current Sumatra is once more from the Ketiara coop, run by women many of whom lost husbands in the civil conflicts there a decade ago. This Ketiara lot is produced entirely from the Adsenia varietal, one of the oldest in Aceh. Stop by Old Europe (13 Broadway in Asheville) and try some, it's the house coffee there.

Our base for French roast continues to be from Honduras, this one from a 70 member coop based in the village of Capucas which lies near Celaque National Park in western Honduras. This coop has invested in a health care center, a soccer field, and a computer lab to benefit the community.

In decaf, we are still using Royal Coffee's Royal Select™ water process, which, although a tad below CO2, is quite good for a water processed decaf and certainly is far better than Swiss Water™. Our current selection is an Ethiopia that's tasty even if it is decaf and makes an excellent decaf espresso as well.

I've grown weary of trying to keep track of detailed pricing, so I've simplified things by setting prices in whole dollars. Our current prices (USD):

Single Origins 2.5kg 1kg 500g
Colombia Valle de Cauca 45 19 11
Ethiopia Natural Sidamo 44 19 11
Sumatra Mandheling 47 20 11
Roasts & Blends
French Roast 44 19 11
Espresso 47 20 11
Viennese 45 19 11
Mocha Java 46 19 11
Decaf Ethiopia, French, or Espresso
21 12

Because we enjoy being contrarians, our packages are all metric sizes. The industry standard 5lb bag you see everywhere is, for us, a 2.5 kilogram pack (that's 5.51 pounds). We have also 1 kilogram (2.2 pound) and 500 gram (1.1 pound) packages. Prices are USD per single package of 2.5kg, 1kg, or 500g of a single coffee. All prices are FOB Candler, NC 28715, and are subject to change without notice. (Please see this page for more details on shipping costs and methods.)

We prefer to ship only whole bean coffee, but if you insist, we'll grind at no charge. We'll try to grind to your specification but we can not guarantee that the grind will be optimum for your brewer. Weights shown are for whole bean. Ground weight may be slightly lower because some chaff is lost when grinding, there may be additional outgassing of CO2, or we may spill some.

If you think the price of coffee in grocery stores and coffee shops is getting too high, we agree. Here's a comparison of some local and on-line prices, and what our coffees cost per pound.

(For descriptions of these and other coffees, go here.)