Coffee cup

Welcome to Asheville's premier craft roaster of Specialty Coffee

  • Mountain City is a micro-roaster of specialty coffee. We roast coffee the old-fashioned way and place the Fresh-Roast® date on the bag so you know when your coffee was roasted.

  • We sell to everyone at the same low price. Our prices are posted on-line -- you don't have to log in or have an account to see them. (read more ....)

  • ~ We buy pretty good beans and roast them as well as we can ~

The world coffee market has eased in the past weeks and we're happy to be able to say that so have our prices. Of course, we think our coffee is always a bargain.

Remember that coffee is a global drink, that it can connect you with people you never knew. It sounds as if they'll be drinking French --"[it is good coffee] if a small amount of oil is emitted during roasting". I probably wouldn't care for the traditional cardamom, but this coffee is freshly roasted and prepared.

I'm leaving up this reminder to use enough coffee in your coffee. There's nothing more frightening than a weak cup of coffee. The note on the wall says "use ... a heaping tablespoon for each cup". This ad from the Pan-American Coffee Bureau was one of many in which they urged Americans to make stronger coffee.